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I'm creating a program in Python which downloads a set of files and puts them into an archive with the zipfile module.

I already found out how to append to the archive, but there are cases where the files in the archive already exist and should be overwritten.

Currently, if I append an already existing file to the archive I get a duplicate.

Does anyone know how to delete a file in an archive?

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From http://docs.python.org/2/library/zipfile

Return a list of archive members by name.

So it is trivial to get hold of the members list before appending to the file and performing a check operation against the list of existing members within the archive.

In addition: removing from a ZIP file is not supported. You need to write a new archive if needed and copy over existing files and omit the file to be removed.

See also

Delete file from zipfile with the ZipFile Module

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I think the zipfile library is very limited if it cannot support removing and overwriting files in a ZIP file. –  shailenTJ Jan 28 '14 at 14:06
@shailenTJ, it is. –  Paul Draper Jun 12 at 5:07

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