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I’m having some trouble adding OpenCV to a new Android project

I am writing an Android program, and am experiencing an error. After launch, the application cannot find the .apk file.

The console shows:

[2012-12-17 17:03:10 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] ------------------------------
[2012-12-17 17:03:10 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] Android Launch!
[2012-12-17 17:03:10 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] adb is running normally.
[2012-12-17 17:03:10 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] Performing org.opencv.prueba.algoritmos.InitialActivity activity launch
[2012-12-17 17:03:10 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] Automatic Target Mode: using device '0019054d294eae'
[2012-12-17 17:03:10 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] Uploading ProbandoAlgoritmos.apk onto device '0019054d294eae'
[2012-12-17 17:03:10 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] Installing ProbandoAlgoritmos.apk...
[2012-12-17 17:03:12 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] Success!
[2012-12-17 17:03:12 - OpenCV Library - 2.4.3] Could not find OpenCV Library - 2.4.3.apk!
[2012-12-17 17:03:12 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] Starting activity org.opencv.prueba.algoritmos.InitialActivity on device 0019054d294eae
[2012-12-17 17:03:12 - ProbandoAlgoritmos] ActivityManager: Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[ xxx ] cmp=xxxx }

Obviously, the application crashes.

There are not compiler errors, so the opencv library is imported, and Open CV Manager is installed on the device.

Why is this not finding the APK?

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if use Opencv4android2.4.3 you should install both "OpenCV_2.4.3_Manager_2.0_armeabi-v7a.apk" and "OpenCV_2.4.3_binary_pack_armv7a.apk" or you can visiit


hope can help you!

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