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I am creating a high score top5 list and i have no clue how to sort the data from the text file and write out the top5 with the highest int. Right now i have a program that writes the results to the text file highscore.txt.

I want it to look something like this.

1. 500pts
2. 450pts
3. 400pts
4. 350pts
5. 300pts
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Well, at least provide a couple of lines of your highscore.txt – Steve Dec 17 '12 at 16:29
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I would suggest to use a real database instead, for example the free Sql-Server Express.

If you really want to use a text-file, you could use this approach:

IEnumerable<string> top5HighScore = File.ReadLines("highscore.txt")
    .Select(line => int.Parse(line))
    .OrderByDescending(score => score)
    .Select((score, index) => string.Format("{0}. {1}pts", index + 1, score));

Now you can for example use a foreach to output the strings.

Note that you need to add using System.Linq;.

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    .Select(line => int.Parse(line))
    .OrderByDescending(score => score)
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And WriteAllLines – L.B Dec 17 '12 at 16:31

The best solution depends on your platform constraints and the size of the text file.

The simplest solution is probably to represent each line as a class. Read in the lines from the text file, populate a list of Score and then

public class Score
    public int Points { get; set; }
    public string Player { get; set; }

List<Score> top5 = (from s in allScores select s)
                   .OrderByDescending(s => s.Points)

If you are on a memory constrained platform relative to the size of the text file, you can use integer counters to track the lowest high-score currently in the Top 5 and use that counter to decide whether the next high score you read in from the file should be added to a list of the 5 top high scores that you maintain manually.

Either way, you can then output the top 5 like this:

for (int i = 0; i < top5.Count; i++)
    Score score top5[i];
    // e.g. Console.WriteLine((i + 1) + ". " + top5.Points); 
    // Optionally output player name / initials if that was in the text file
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If the data is by-line, or you know the byte offsets in the file, then it is fairly easy to efficiently read in the entire file, and keep track of the top 5 scores, in a very memory cheap manner.

Say you have a function that returns the next score from the file (via StreamReader), then the code will look something like this (I'm assuming that scores are integers):

System.IO.StreamReader reader = new System.IO.StreamReader(fileName); // create StreamReader for the file

int maxTopScores = 5; // maximum number of scores to retrieve
List<int> topScores = new List<int>(); // create a list to store the top scores in

while (!reader.EndOfStream) // check there is still data to read (or some other check, depending on file format)
    int tempScore = getScore(reader); // hypothetical function that retrieves the next score (returns an int)
    for (int i = 0; i < topScores.Count; i++)
        if (tempScore > topScores[i])
            topScores.Insert(i, tempScore); // insert this score before the one that it is bigger than
            if (topScores.Count > maxTopScores)
                topScores.RemoveAt(topScores.Count - 1); // too many scores, remove the last (lowest)
            goto scoreAdded; // sorry about the goto, but I hate breaking through loops with state booleans
    // score not added yet
    if (topScores.Count < maxTopScores)
        topScores.Add(tempScore); // not enough scores, add it to the end (it's the lowest yet)

    continue; // annoyingly this is needed

This should give you a List of int scores, with the top score being at index 0 in topScores, and lower scores as you move down the List. It doesn't require much memory, and you'll have a hard time crashing it.

It just loops through he file at fileName inserting scores into the list if they need to be, and making sure that the list doesn't contain more than maxTopScores scores.

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