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I have a class CPolygon which is derived from the class CElement. [ I'm making use of polymorphism here].

 class CElement : public CObject
virtual ~CElement();
virtual void Draw(CDC* pDC){};
CPoint vertices[11];




 class CPolygon : public CElement
CPolygon(CPoint mFirstPoint,CPoint mSecondPoint);
 virtual void Draw(CDC* pDC);                 

CPoint mStartPoint;
CPoint mEndPoint;


When I try to assign an array to the member vertices of a CElement object, I get the error: expression must be a modifiable Lvalue

 CElement* a = new CPolygon(mFirstPoint,mSecondPoint);
  a->vertices=vertices;        //here!!

Why doesn't this work??

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Because a->vertices is not a modifiable Lvalue... You can't assign arrays in C++, you can only assign specific elements or do a copy.

If you know the size to be 11, I'd use a std::array (or std::vector, for flexibility) instead of a C-style array.

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If you need to copy an array like this, try std::array which behaves more like other collections than a raw array does. –  Cory Nelson Dec 17 '12 at 16:37

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