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i'm developing a form to insert data in the Database (SQlServer 2005) i use Linq to Sql in WPF;

I have this database :

Column Name             Data Type          Allow Null
  CODE ID               Int(autoIncr)          No
  BoatName              Nvarchar(100)          No
  BoatType              Nvarchar(50)           yes
  NumberOfSeats         Int                    yes
 And so on...

Now when i insert a new record in my form if i leave empty the TextBox "txtNumberOfSeats" that refer to field "NumberOfSeat" in the database and when i click the button Save the database give me this error:"Input string was not in a correct format."

Why i cannot leave the field "NumberOfSeats " empty if i set up it in database AllowNull=Yes?

i post the code behind when i click the button Save to insert to new record in the database:

DataClassesDataContext dc = new DataClassesDataContext();
Boat_TBL boat = new Boat_TBL();
boat.BoatName = txtBoatName.Text;
boat.BoatType = txtBoatType.Text;
boat.NumberOfSeats = Int32.Parse(txtNumberOfSeats.Text);

DO you have any suggestion to work out this feature?

Thanks so much


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ah yes, the lovely "input string was not in a correct format" error... memories. –  bryanbcook Sep 8 '09 at 3:51

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You can pass null on the Data Access Layer when saving to your DB. e.g. try something like this:

if (String.isNullOrEmpty(txtNumberOfSeats.Text))
    NumberOfSeats = DBNull.Value;
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Hi waqasahmed,i tried your code but i receive this error:"Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.DBNull' to 'int?'" here is the code: if (String.isNullOrEmpty(txtNumberOfSeats.Text)) { boat.NumberOfSeats = DBNull.Value;// here i receive the error } Where i wrong? However thanks for your suggestion. Cheers –  JayJay Sep 8 '09 at 4:42
int does not convert to DBNULL - You might try using "int?" - the question mark makes it nullable - then when you are adding parameters to your command you can put in logic to pass DBNull.Value instead of null. –  DataDink Sep 8 '09 at 5:01
Yes.your advices was useful to work out this step. Thanks so much for your kind support. Cheers –  JayJay Sep 8 '09 at 7:25

The call to Int32.Parse(...) fails when an empty string is passed to it. Provided that boat.NumberOfSeats is a nullable int, you should only set it when txtNumberOfSeats.Text is not an empty string.

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You can use the integer tryParse method and output parameter can be use as no of seats..

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