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For example I have A=[11 24 33 47 52 67] and I have indices matrix as I = [2 3] so I want to have the elements of A from the indices other than indices given with I. So I want to have B = [11 47 52 67]. How can I do it and use I as a negated indices matrix?

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go for

  idx = logical(ones(size(A)));   % // all indices here

or, as @Gunther Struyf suggests,

  idx = true(size(A));


  idx(I) = 0;                       % // excluding not desired indices    
  B = A(idx);                       % // selection


 B = A;
 B(I) = [];
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you can use true(...) instead of logical(ones(...)) ;) and size would be better than length imo, because it is more general – Gunther Struyf Dec 17 '12 at 17:21

You can also make use of setdiff to exclude indices. Here's a one-liner for you:

B = A(setdiff(1:numel(A), I))
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