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Can some one please help me with my filters, they do not seem to be getting data from the database.

View that has the CGridview

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(



Model the model, I have tried to print out one of the search elements I wa filtering on not nothing display

public function search()
    // Warning: Please modify the following code to remove attributes that
    // should not be searched.

    echo "booker ".$this->broker;// exit;
           //above only displays booker there is nothing in $this->broker

    $criteria=new CDbCriteria;


    return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(

Controller is not getting anything from the $_GET var

public function actionIndex()
    $model=new BrokerTrades('search');
    $model->unsetAttributes();  // clear any default values

    print_r($_GET)  ;

I can not see why this filter is not work please help.

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Make sure each of the fields you want to filter is set to safe in the rules of the model.

public function rules(){
  return array(

The attributes need to be set the safe in order for this line to function:


Just include all the attributes you want to search by in the first string, separated by commas.

See if that helps at all.

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