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I am trying to add the property disabled: true or nothing at all conditionally depending on the value of on like that:

        var on = true;
        pMenu.addChild(new MenuItem({
          label: "Disabled menu item",
              return disabled: true;

This seems to return an error in the console "number is not a function".

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I guess this should work:

    var on = true;
    pMenu.addChild(new MenuItem({
        label: "Disabled menu item",
        disabled: on ? true : false

If on is really meant to be a boolean-value in your usecase, you can also just assign it to to disabled like disabled: on, thats it. But as far as i know, you can not execute statements (like an if-cascade in a non constructor object declaration like {} does.

As disabled is false by default, this is actually like adding nothing at all, but it becomes more readable in my personal opinion.

Think about it: you don't add a property to the instance, you actually just want to set a value to a propery that's already there.

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