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I'm having problems creating a function that replaces all occurrences of a value in a sequence.

Example: replace 'a' to 'z'; input:

((a b) f ((a b c) (e r) a) a)

expected output:

((z b) f ((z b c) (e r) z) z)

Any ideas?

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prewalk-replace is slightly simpler than @mobyte's answer if you're strictly swapping one value for another:

(def thing '( (a b) f ( (a b c) (e r) a ) a ))

(use '[clojure.walk :only [prewalk-replace]])

(prewalk-replace {'a 'z} thing)
; ((z b) f ((z b c) (e r) z) z
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this made it. Thanks –  user1910791 Dec 18 '12 at 13:12
(use '[clojure.walk :only (postwalk)])

(postwalk #(if (= % 'a) 'z %) '( (a b) f ( (a b c) (e r) a ) a ))
-> ((z b) f ((z b c) (e r) z) z)
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