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Is there a clever way to let the user switch between hide and view password in an ios/iphone UITextField where the user can enter a password and would have the option of either hide it or view it. thanks in advance.

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Simply setting

.secureTextEntry = YES

wont work I think due to a bug (or a feature), if the textField has focus.

Use something like this to make it work, also if the textField is currently firstResponder

-(void) toggleTextFieldSecureEntry: (UITextField*) textField {
    BOOL isFirstResponder = textField.isFirstResponder; //store whether textfield is firstResponder

    if (isFirstResponder) [textField resignFirstResponder]; //resign first responder if needed, so that setting the attribute to YES works
    textField.secureTextEntry = !textField.secureTextEntry; //change the secureText attribute to opposite
    if (isFirstResponder) [self.textField becomeFirstResponder]; //give the field focus again, if it was first responder initially
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You can use secureTextEntry property of UITextField. When you want to hide (show dot for each character) you can use yourTextField.secureTextEntry=YES; And when you want to show password use yourTextField.secureTextEntry=NO;

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