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I currently have a program with a grid and lines that will be drawn between dots in the grid. It uses standard draw. I wish to limit the length of the lines, so that they can only go from the adjacent points, but do not know how I would do this.


StdDraw.setCanvasSize(400, 400);
StdDraw.setXscale(0, 10);
StdDraw.setYscale(0, 10);      

double radius = .15;
double spacing = 2.0;

for (int i = 0; i <= 4; i++) {
    for (int j = 0; j <= 4; j++) {
        StdDraw.filledCircle(i * spacing, j * spacing, radius );
StdDraw.text(0, 9.5, player1_name);
StdDraw.text(5, 9.5, player2_name);
int turn = 1;
     for (int i = 0; i <= 40; i++) { 
         if (turn % 2 == 0)

         while(!StdDraw.mousePressed()) { }
         double x = StdDraw.mouseX();
         double y = StdDraw.mouseY();
   System.out.println(x + " " + y);
               while(!StdDraw.mousePressed()) { }
               double x2 = StdDraw.mouseX();
               double y2 = StdDraw.mouseY();
double xround = Math.round(x); 
double yround = Math.round(y);
double x2round = Math.round(x2);
double y2round = Math.round(y2);
  int xroundb = (int) xround; 
  int yroundb = (int) yround;
  int x2roundb = (int) x2round;
  int y2roundb = (int) y2round;
StdDraw.line(xround, yround, x2round, y2round);
System.out.println("Line Drawn"); 
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@RohitJain My experience is that when code is broken, people rarely know which part is relevant. That is why I commonly suggest: "For better help sooner, post an SSCCE." –  Andrew Thompson Dec 17 '12 at 23:17
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Ah I get it. You are not asking about the actual line method which does work correctly, you want logic such that line is not called if adjacent dots are not selected.

Well, first we need to know which adjacent connections are allowed. That is can we have Vertical? Horizontal? Diagonal? I will explain each just in case

So you have spacing = 2.0. Well, that should be sufficient to check for adjacency.

if (Math.abs(x2round - xround) > spacing) {
   // don't draw
} else if (Math.abs(y2round - yround) > spacing)) {
   // don't draw
} else if (Math.abs(y2round - yround) > 0.0) && Math.abs(x2round - xround) > 0.0) {
   // don't draw if diagonal connections are forbidden
   // if diagonal is allowed, remove this else if condition
} else {
   StdDraw.line(xround, yround, x2round, y2round);

So if you don't draw, then you have to enforce your game logic. Perhaps the player forfeits a turn. Perhaps the player is given another chance to select adjacent dots. It is up to you. It is always a bit crazy comparing doubles due to roundoff, so instead of using 0.0, you might want to choose a very small epsilon double value to make sure you catch all cases.

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