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I have an nginx server processing PHP requests, but it's configured to listen on a non-standard port (port 12345 or something). I can't change the listen port because corporate IT says, "No."

There is a proxy in the data center that forwards requests from to the nginx box on port 12345.

I have some static 301 redirects that I need to put in place, but I'm getting unexpected behavior.

Sample redirects in site.conf "server { }" block:

rewrite ^/foo$ /bar/foo/ permanent;

When I attempt to go to, the redirect happens, but it tries to forward the browser to

My question is, how can I get nginx to redirect the user to the correct port (

Maybe a better question is, what is the correct way to do what I'm asking? There are 50+ redirects that need to go in, and I'd rather not create a "location" section for each of those redirects.

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You can provide a more explicit rewrite. Try the following:

rewrite ^/foo/ $scheme://$request_uri permanent;

I have assumed that you meant to use ^/foo/ instead of ^/foo$, since ^/foo$ is a very specific case. Just revise as needed.

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Thanks, Kevin. I really did mean ^/foo/ because it's a specific url I'm targeting (per marketing request). It works great, and I modified it a little: rewrite ^/foo/ $scheme://$server_name:80/bar/ permanent; – Jason Dec 18 '12 at 1:43

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