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How can I replace (or get result with null value) null value in HQL? In my case the SomeObject can be null. I have relation Many-To-One between Clazz and SomeObject:

SELECT, from Clazz c

I've tried:

SELECT, coalesce(, ' ') from Clazz c 

but it doesn't return any row.

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'many'-side is Clazz, 'one'-side is SomeObject and it's value can be null – marcus m Dec 17 '12 at 19:58
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You may want to note that there is no such thing as a 'many-to-null' relation. If the referenced object (SomeObject) is null when persisting a Clazz entity no entry will be made into the SomeObject database table.

Then, when you try to access the (non-existent) SomeObject in your query ( Hibernate will implicitly build an inner join, which of course will exclude the Clazz object in question because the join cannot be fulfilled.

Try to explicitly use an outer join; this will solve your problem.

By the way: You can let hibernate output the SQL statements it generates, which allows to better understand why a given query behaves in a certain way.

share|improve this answer is an implicit inner join between Clazz and SomeObject. So, since it's an inner join, it automatically filters out Clazz instances having a null someObject.

You need an outer join:

select, from Clazz c
left join c.someObject s
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