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Does the CSS property overflow apply to divs, or is there a list of other HTML elements that support this property?

I tried to use:

<span style="overflow:auto;"><img src="hs.gif" alt="Horizontal Scroll"></span>

But it doesn't seem to apply an horizontal scroll bar when the contents are partially hidden, as in the case of a div.

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It works on most* elements; the problem is that your <span> expands to contain your image. (What width would it need for there to be a scrollbar?) Give it a width (and to do that, it can't be inline, either; the default for <span>s):

<span style="overflow: auto; display: inline-block; width: 100px;">

And now it works.

* most: block-level elements, table cells, inline-table and inline-block elements. Documentation here.

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overflow applies to block level elements.

Span is an inline element (as is img), so it will not apply.

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Thanks. I will keep this reference and others' in mind. – alt.126 Dec 17 '12 at 21:15

**Initial value:visible

Applies to: block and inline-block elements, table cells

Inherited : no


Computed value as specified**

for more details

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