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I am trying to replace multiple forward slashes "//" with a single slash "/".

How would you do that?

Also, How would you replace "asd/qwe/zxc" with "fgh/vbn"?

I was able to do this half way using below. But how do I use forward slash in the search string or the replace string.

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Either escape it or use different delimiters.


I prefer the latter.

Missed the second part:


You can pick any delimiter that you want in the same manner that you could in ed or sed.

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+1 - that's the guru answer I was referring to :) – RocketDonkey Dec 17 '12 at 19:40

You can try using:


to replace all double slashes with single slashes (though I imagine a guru will show a much cooler way shortly :) ). The general idea is that you need to escape the slashes.

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Try this

Esc :


You need to escape '/' using backslash '\' .

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