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I am working on a quick tool that grabs images off of a web page. Currently, I use a WebClient to get the source data of the page, parse the image URLs out of the source, and download them individually to a folder using WebClient.DownloadFile. This can take quite a while.
I understand that most of the time needed is due to my connection and downloading the data.
Are there any other, more efficient ways of going about this, whether it be a C# HTML parsing library or something else?

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You can use multiple threads, which will open multiple concurrent HTTP connections to the web page.

One good approach would be to implement a Producer/Consumer pattern: have one thread that gets and parses the HTML containing the images, then queues the image URLs into something like a BlockingCollection. Have multiple threads read the image URLs from the queue and download the images concurrently.

If you're up for cutting edge, this class if problem is ideally suited for TPL Dataflow (alternative to a BlockingCollection).

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