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i have following html code

   <div id="Main" >
        <div id="Clusters" data-bind="foreach: clusters">
            <div id="Scenarios" data-bind="foreach: scenarios">
                <div id="ChoiceLists" data-bind ="foreach: choicelists" >
                    <div id="Forwards" data-bind ="foreach: forwards">
                        <span data-bind="text: code"></span>
                        <span data-bind="text: desc"></span><input type="radio" data-bind="value: code" /><br />

following is a script for the above html

$(function () {

var binding;

function MainEntries(data) {
    this.code = data.code;
    this.desc = data.desc;
    this.clusters = ko.observableArray($.map(data.clusters, function (cluster) { return new Cluster(cluster) }));

function Cluster(data) {
    var self = this;
    self.scenarios = ko.observableArray($.map(data.scenarios, function (scenario) { return new Scenario(scenario) }));

function Scenario(data) {
    this.choicelists = ko.observableArray($.map(data.choicelists, function (choicelist) { return new ChoiceList(choicelist) }));

function ChoiceList(data) {
    this.forwards = ko.observableArray($.map(data.forwards, function (forward) { return new Forward(forward) }));

function Forward(data) {
    this.id = ko.observable(data.id);
    this.code = ko.observable(data.code);
    this.desc = ko.observable(data.desc);

 function DisplayClusters(selectedCode) {

    $.getJSON("/home/clusters", "code=" + selectedCode, function (data) {
                    binding = new MainEntries(data);




I am calling DisplayClusters() and passing code so that it will do json call to one of my service and display data but it throws error that unable to find binding "cluster"

I am sure that the data is coming from service its just its not displaying..because of this error. What I am doing wrong with binding? I am little bit new to knockout.

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Are you calling DisplayClusters() before you apply the bindings. Your code shows that binding is initially undefined by the time you call ko.applyBindings(). It only gets set when DisplayClusters() is called and you get the response back from the server. Perhaps you should be moving the ko.applyBindings() call into the callback function. Or initialize your view model to an "empty" state and have the callback fill in the appropriate values. –  Jeff Mercado Dec 17 '12 at 22:42
Thanks a lot it worked –  user393014 Dec 17 '12 at 23:19
One more question, now. As I am calling ko.applyBindings() within $getJson, it is trying to rebind all elements and multiple elements of the same row displayed in my view, how do i do so that applybindings called only once and whenever i update the viewmodel it updates the view, any good example? –  user393014 Dec 19 '12 at 0:25

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