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In a file which has an xml like format (but is not xml)

 <mgrwt event="1">
<rscale>  1 1234</rscale>
<asrwt>0 4234</asrwt>
<pdfrwt beam="1">  1        2 0.11790045E+00 0.22210436E+03</pdfrwt>
<pdfrwt beam="2">  1       -2 0.92962177E-02 0.22210436E+03</pdfrwt>
<totfact> 0.34727485E+01</totfact>
<matchscale> 0.10000000E+11 0.41999999E+02 0.61496031E+02</matchscale>

I would like with C++ to read in the file (this I know ;-) block-by block , and then assign variables to sub-components of each block, - I know for example that all numbers in

 <pdfrwt beam="1">  1        2 0.11790045E+00 0.22210436E+03</pdfrwt>

ie 1 2 0.11790045E+00 0.22210436E+03 are always numbers, and never string,so question is , how can I strip/read from each line in each block the separated-by-space numbers ?

I also tried this Read input numbers separated by spaces but could not help me..


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Perhaps look at a C++ SAX parser: codeproject.com/Articles/11085/… –  Alex Reynolds Dec 17 '12 at 21:21

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I suggest reading line by line and using std::istringstream to parse the string.
For example, you could find out where the start of the number is by searching for the first >.
Either advance the stringstream by this amount or ...

Create a substring contain all the text before the '<'. Create an istringstream using this substring. Then try something like:

unsigned int first, second;
double third, fourth;
string_stream >> first >> second >> third >> fourth;
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Hmm.... Well, let me put it another way - What would be the equivalent in C++ to count for the bash command for example while read line; do; cat line | grep -F "> " '{print $2}'; for example ? How can I strip the line ? Can you give me a working example ? –  Alex Dec 17 '12 at 22:27
And you can't use std::getline to read from a file? Try searching SO for c++ reading file. –  Thomas Matthews Dec 17 '12 at 23:32

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