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I have got a problem!

I recently read through codeblocks' tutorial of how to make GUI programs with wxSmith...
To try the simple Hello World Program, I downloaded the precompiled wxPack and installed it.

But now, when i start a new wxWidgets project in Code::Blocks, it gives me thousands of errors!
I tried it a few times but I don't know what I did wrong!

screenshot of errors

And it says that there are more errors!
Can you tell me what to do?
Did I install it the wrong way?

Thank you for answers!

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You should paste the first few of the errors in your message instead of showing not very informative screenshots. –  VZ. Dec 18 '12 at 13:46

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Could you paste the complete build log anywhere? Possible reasons:

  • Linker can't find libs or include files (add wxWidgets\include to the list of include dies, wxWidgets\lib\vc_lib (or vc_dll) to the linker settings)
  • Your project is compiled with static CRT, wxWidgets libs with dynamic (or vise versa) - you need to use same settings.
  • non-wxWhdgets libs are missing (you will need to find which libs contain missed functions and add them)
  • You didn't implement some methods of classes which you use in your app (you will need to add bodies for these methods)
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It might also help to post some of your code, namely the code blocks around which the compiler complains.

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