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I'm trying to convert a date from this format "YYYY-MM-DD" to a Unix time.

I'm running this code to get grouped sum:'date(filled_at)').sum(:lines_price).to_a

Which returns this:

[["2012-12-15", #<BigDecimal:b451450,'0.19275E4',18(45)>], ["2012-12-17", #<BigDecimal:b45107c,'0.764235E3',18(45)>]]

The problem is that I need to get this data into a chart that accepts this format:

  [1341014400000, 123.5],
  [1341018000000, 150.3],

How do I convert the array to a format that is acceptable by the chart ?

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It shouldn't be too hard to convert if it can be parsed:'date(filled_at)').sum(:lines_price).to_a.collect do |date, sum|
  [ DateTime.parse(date).to_i, sum.to_f ]

The BigDecimal is just a way of representing the NUMERIC SQL type in Ruby with proper handling of fixed-point values.

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