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I have implemented a view with multiple {{view Ember.TextField ...}}

The template is displayed BUT all the html elements are displayed inline...

I would like to have all input elements rendered as block.

How to fix that ? (I would like to avoid adding after each view in the template.

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You can use the classNames binding inherited from Ember.View to set a css class on the element and define your css styles on it (i.e. display: block;), such as:

{{view Ember.TextField classNames="some-class" ...}}

Alternatively, you can create a subclass of Ember.TextField:

App.MyTextField = Em.TextField.extend({
    classNames: ['some-class']

And then call this instead in the Handlebars UI:

{{view App.MyTextField ...}}
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Works perfectly !! –  fvisticot Dec 18 '12 at 8:20

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