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Code I have:

    public ViewResult Index(string tech)
        var queue = db.Table1.Where(t => t.TECHID == tech).ToList();

        queue = queue.Where(t => t.STAT.Contains("90I")).ToList();

        return View(queue);

This effectively gets me all lines where STAT == 90I and TECHID is equal to whoever is logged in. How do I reverse this so that I get all records NOT Containing 90I, and is there a way for me to make it not get 90I AND not get 00C, or get all records where STAT is between (inclusive) 10E and 70C?

Value examples: 00C, 10E, 45I, 60A, 65B, 65O, 65P, 66A, etc.

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If you want to make negation, you need change your condition into negation:

queue = queue.Where(t => !t.STAT.Contains("90I")).ToList();

Not 90I and not 00C:

queue = queue.Where(t => !t.STAT.Contains("90I") && !t.STAT.Contains("00C")).ToList();

What do you mean by "between"??

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The negation is where I was heading with all that... I think. I wasn't sure how to "Not" it. What I had meant by between is all the codes are numerically sequential (00C comes before 10E, etc.) I wasn't sure if there was a way to say equal or greater than 10E and less than or equal to 70C. What you offered will get me where I need to go, I may have to make it unseemly (not this and not that and not them too) but I can get there from here. Thank you! – Phillip O. Dec 18 '12 at 13:17

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