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I need to include a simple contact form in either the sidebar or footer of an existing website so it appears on every page.

This is not a WordPress site, I have seen there are several plugins for WordPress. I need a different solution. I am thinking a php include would be my best option. However, I am very new to php. Can someone out there point me in the right direction? Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have searched all day and have yet to find a good solution.

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You can try writing something like:

<?php include("form.php"); ?>

right into the html. If you're new to php, you just need to be sure php is enabled on your server [talk to web host] if not sure.

The form.php file is actually just a file withe .php on the end of filename rather than .html

In the file, it will just have your html for the form. I don't know if this is the most-legit way to do it, but it's functional. [I'm learning php myself]

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To check for php, you can also create a file called phpinfo.php and upload it into your root directory and then navigate to it in a browser, ie: http://domain.com/phpinfo.php and if it is enabled, you'll get a config/stats page that shows the php version, etc. The code in the php file needs only be <?php phpinfo(); ?>. If php not enabled, you should get some kind of error, or if you placed into the wrong directory it should be pretty obvious. –  conceive Mar 14 '13 at 21:32

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