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I'm currently working on a new project and I came around something I can't figure out myself.

I got a user - friend system based on different layers (family, friends, colleagues,...).

Users are able to post all sort of content but I wonder how I should implement a system to only show data to the users who are allowed to.


When I post a picture only visible to my family, what's the best way to hide this from all the other users (except my family).


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Use a MySQL SELECT with a JOIN. Sorry, cannot give more specific answer without details on what you tried already. –  aditya menon Dec 18 '12 at 12:32

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You could have the code that displays pictures only display them under certain circumstances. For example, if a visitor wants to see a picture, you could first see what the visitor's ID is, then see what the poster's ID is, then see if the visitor's ID is part of the poster's friends IDs. If it is, you show the picture.

Or, you could associate a list of allowed user IDs to each picture, and the poster can change the list. For example, he might want his parents to see it, but not his grandparents. Or maybe just a friend that's not even part of his family. This way, if the user can edit the IDs himself, he can give / revoke access to anyone arbitrarily.

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Thanks, you helped me find the logic! :) Just the small hint I needed. –  Maarten Dec 18 '12 at 14:39

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