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I'm developing a sort of infopanel program for a webstream which so far is done by Windows Form, C# and it has panels which have labels. Now it's very simple what I'm doing. At the moment it's just hiding \ showing panels, changing test in a Window, but I need to create a transition to move the panel out of frame and back with the push of a buttno with lets say 30FPS. I've tried to google solutions for this but so far I've only found solutions to use mouse as the vector X,Y point and move items with a mouse and one library here:

Except the library doesn't work with a panel that has a background image and a label on top. The panel \ label blinks in an out so that the background comes visible for microseconds. I read up on creating a timer which calculates the position every millisecond and moves it to the next point etc to creat the FPS, but I don't know how to do this with a panel because again I don't know how to get the panel x,y cordinates. Now is there any other solution for this program I am creating? Different programming language, a library, some way? One person suggested C# and GDI but I have honestly no idea how that would work as it's just shapes and I want to use images.

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If you're not too deeply committed to WinForms, you might look into using WPF. It has much better support for smooth animations. It has a bit of a learning curve, though, if your background has only been in WinForms. – Dan Bryant Dec 17 '12 at 23:07

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WinForms uses the GDI for drawing all of this. There are a number of cheats for doing this but they still wont give you the performance you are really looking for. WPF is the solution to those problems. It is designed to handle exactly that kind of thing and does so very well.

WinForms + GDI is just plain is slow and not really designed for that sort of thing. You could always build your control in WPF and put it in a DLL and then load it in a winforms project. That might get you closer to the performance you are looking for.

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Thanks so much. I got the program doing what I wanted in WPF in less than 5 minutes. Googled some stuff, wrote some XAML Grid.Resources and Triggers and it works just the way I want it! Now I just gotta create a control panel and buttons to control those animations. – Nookie Dec 18 '12 at 5:07
Rock on! I'm glad you got it going so quick. Well done. – jmrnet Dec 18 '12 at 5:15

You can hide the panel (visible=false) and copy the content to a bitmap and animate that instead by drawing directly to the form's graphics' object.

All (Form) controls comes with a .DrawToBitmap method. You can use events to update the bitmap (TextChanged for the label and so forth) behind the curtain so to speak.

With GDI+ a bit of odd code is required sometimes for animation contexts.

Although, I would recommend a cleaner approach with a different platform (WPF or pure c++ code etc.).

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