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So, I found this plugin for TeamCity that is supposed to run FitNesse tests https://github.com/EKibort/TeamCityFitnessePlugin

I'm struggling with getting it installed. The instructions in the readme says,

Installation copy Fitnesse.zip to plugins directory (for windows %USERPROFILE%\.BuildServer\plugins) and resart TeamCity server

There is no Fitnesse.zip. Any advice on how to get this installed?

2nd question: Is this the best way to go about running FitNess tests from TeamCity? Any alternate option advice is welcomed.

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The author now includes the built FitNesse.zip file in the repo. –  Kenny Evitt Jun 30 '14 at 19:23

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You have to build the plugin first. Have you read the readme?

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Yes. Got the package built and dropped into %USER_HOME%\.BuildServer and restarted everything...no FitNesse plugin. –  coach_rob Dec 18 '12 at 18:45

Figured out I was putting the built plugin in the wrong place. I was following the directions and putting in place on the BUILD AGENT machine, not the BUILD SERVER machine.

Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

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