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(sql/with-connection {... mydatabase }
    (sql/with-query-results rows [ "select * from users where email in (?)" 
       [ "bob@site.com" "mary@other.com" ] ] 
       (doseq [rows row] 
            (prn row))))

This will always return no result. I've also tried using just "?" in place of "(?)"

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AFAIR you can't do this directly. Behind the scene macro with-query-results uses java.sql.PreparedStatement and invokes .setObject for each parameter. So you have to write something like this

(sql/with-connection db
  (sql/with-query-results rs
    [(str "select * from users where email in ("
           (interpose ", " (map #(str "\"" % "\"")
                                ["bob@site.com" "mary@other.com"]))) ")")]

to generate already prepared sql string with "in" parameters: "select * from users where email in (\"bob@site.com\", \"mary@other.com\")".

The better way is just to use one of clojure sql libraries like sqlkorma.

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This can lead to SQL injection –  Ankur Dec 18 '12 at 8:30
You're right. It's not the full solution and It need to be improved or replaced by existing library. –  mobyte Dec 18 '12 at 10:12

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