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I tried finding how File.open() was implemented but I couldn't find it while grepping around in the code I got from https://github.com/ruby/ruby

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There is no File::open, it is inherited from IO. So, you need to look for IO::open.

In general, I recommend using the Rubinius source code for this. It is much better organized and much better documented than YARV's source code, and most importantly: it is mostly written in Ruby, whereas in YARV the entire language, the entire core library and significant portions of the standard library are written in C.

That being said, the implementation of IO::open is completely and utterly boring. It just does the obvious thing:

def self.open(*args)
  io = new(*args)

  return io unless block_given?

    yield io
      io.close unless io.closed?
    rescue StandardError
      # nothing, just swallow them.
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The File class is a C module, not a Ruby one. So, you won't find Ruby code for it.

Looks like it lives in file.c in the root folder. The module includes the IO module, which is another C module and lives in io.c in the same location. Look for functions in there whose names start with rb_file_open.

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