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I have a huge Java Application with numerous packages. Some of the classes in these packages have dependency on classes in other packages. given a class, i want ot know all the dependent classes on it and vice versa. A GUI tool shld be really helpful.

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There's some useful tools described here for the (free) Eclipse IDE. There's also more info on dependency tools with a comparison against depfinder here.

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CDA - Class Dependency Analyzer is incredibly simple to use, and can help you visualize those dependencies between packages and classes.

CDA Screenshot

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I would also recommend Eclipse as there are various plugins for this task. For example ispace which can create a graphical representation of the package dependencies.

I general the Source code analyzer section of eclipse's market place has more plugins in that direction.

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ispace is awesome! Thanks for the pointers! –  oberlies May 21 '13 at 9:08

Another option is Degraph: https://github.com/schauder/degraph (I'm the author, so this is obviously a shameless plug)

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You can test JavaDepend, it provides many useful features for dependency needs.

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