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How do I add a wide tile to my WP8 app(upgraded from wp 7.1)?

I tried to follow the following guide:


But I could not get it to work. Also WMAppManifest.xml does not have an option for a Wide Tile. The only images i can add are small, medium and large

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large is the same as wide –  kindasimple Dec 18 '12 at 2:41
That worked! thanks :) –  misterMan Dec 18 '12 at 2:55

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The article you reference is for enabling wide tiles on Windows Phone 8 devices from within a Windows Phone 7.1 project. Your 7.1 app can still install on a WP8. If your app has been upgraded to a Windows Phone 8 project then use the Flip Tile Template to set the WideBackContent and WideBackground Images.

FlipTileData TileData = new FlipTileData()
   Title = "[title]",
   BackTitle = "[back of Tile title]",
   BackContent = "[back of medium Tile size content]",
   WideBackContent = "[back of wide Tile size content]",
   Count = [count],
   SmallBackgroundImage = [small Tile size URI],
   BackgroundImage = [front of medium Tile size URI],
   BackBackgroundImage = [back of medium Tile size URI],
   WideBackgroundImage = [front of wide Tile size URI],
   WideBackBackgroundImage = [back of wide Tile size URI],

Otherwise, if you really do have a 7.1 project, I recommend the Mangopollo project to simplify the process. There is a //Build/ session by Thomas Fennel that may be helpful.

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This throws an InvalidOperationException when I use it –  msbg Feb 3 '13 at 19:28

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