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I open a port 4000 on computer A and send a packet from another remote computer B but A didn't get the packet, I think maybe the enterprise firewall filtered the packet how can I detect this? are there any traceroute functions in scapy or other tools that can detect this? thanks!

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what was the function that you used in scapy and how did you open a port? detection of the firewall depends to type of the firewall and term of network.

traceroute in scapy ==> traceroute("www.google.com", maxttl=10)

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first probe the port using nmap through different tcp scan types (ex:-sS/-sT) to check if it's open or not, if it works then craft a packet similar to this one:

"ans,unans=sr(IP(dst="rhost here"/TCP(flags="S",sport=RandShort(), dport=4000, verbose=0, timeout=2" then -> ans.show()

if you get SA(SYN/ACK) response then port is open and filtering is disabling on this port otherwise it's closed when you get RA(RST/ACK) or filtered if no response(SYN flag set)

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