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I made wsdl file in Eclipse using WSDL Editor. I made server using CXF (maven plugin way). There is simple function getCities() which I sucessfully called from C#. However I am not able to call it from Java client.

@WebResult(name = "out", targetNamespace = "")
@RequestWrapper(localName = "getCities", targetNamespace = "http://www.example.org/BookingServer/", className = "org.example.bookingserver.GetCities")
@ResponseWrapper(localName = "getCitiesResponse", targetNamespace = "http://www.example.org/BookingServer/", className = "org.example.bookingserver.GetCitiesResponse")
@WebMethod(action = "http://www.example.org/BookingServer/getCities")
public java.util.List<org.example.bookingserver.Cities> getCities();

This is way how I call that service (again using Apache-cxf):

QName SERVICE_NAME = new QName("http://www.example.org/BookingServer/", "BookingServer");
URL wsdlURL = BookingServer_Service.WSDL_LOCATION;
BookingServer_Service ss = new BookingServer_Service(wsdlURL, SERVICE_NAME);
BookingServer port = ss.getBookingServerSOAP();  
java.util.List<org.example.bookingserver.Cities> result = port.getCities();

But I get javax.ejb.EJBException ... Caused by: com.sun.xml.ws.client.ClientTransportException: The server sent HTTP status code 200: OK

I couldnt google anything relevant to this exception.

I tried also using NetBeans webservice client GUI but the exception was same. When I put breakpoint in the server it never breaks. So the problem is in the client.

Anyone knows what am I doing wrong?

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Is it possible that you're not hitting the SOAP endpoint you think you are and instead getting a normal webpage back? I would try putting a proxy in the middle and recording your requests and responses, to see what's going in the HTTP layer. –  Charlie Dec 18 '12 at 0:36
You are right. I see that connection goes to www.example.org IP. But how should I force Java to connect to localhost? I generate service client from WSDL made in Eclipse - so it should be specified in wsdl? –  Martin Nuc Dec 18 '12 at 12:02
I tried to change soap:address to local URL however I get another exception: Caused by: com.sun.xml.ws.fault.ServerSOAPFaultException: Client received SOAP Fault from server: Cannot find dispatch method for {http://www.example.org/BookingServer/}getCities Please see the server log to find more detail regarding exact cuase of the failure. –  Martin Nuc Dec 18 '12 at 15:27

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I had to change soap:address and then the main problem was that I overwrote @WebService annotation of interface generated by CXF by @WebService annotation generated for Webservice when using GUI Wizard. Therefore the location of webservice was different.

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BTW: If you want to change the SE programmatically, you can use ((BindingProvider) port).getRequestContext().put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, ... ); –  Drunix Jan 9 at 8:14

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