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I have a class which represents posts in our system. Where a post might represent a question, document, image, etc. There are about 7 different types of objects the Post class can represent. Each of the 7 different types of objects we have has it's own metadata class to store additional object specific information.

Currently my Post class has 7 optional attributes, one of which gets filled depending on the type of object it is. But since the Post class will only ever have one of these 7 attributes filled, is there a way to consolidate these into a single attribute with an arbitrary type? Then I could use a match case statement to generate the correct metadata object at runtime. Or this impossible with Scala given the strongly typed nature of the language.

Code is below:

    case class Post (
      id       : Long,
      typ      : String,
      name     : String,
      fileInfo : Option[FileInfo],
      imageInfo : Option[FileImageInfo],
      videoInfo : Option[FileVideoInfo],
      audioInfo : Option[FileAudioInfo],
      eventInfo: Option[EventInfo],
      lectureInfo: Option[LectureInfo],
      drawingInfo: Option[DrawingInfo]

    object Post {

      val simple = {
        get[Long]("") ~
        get[String]("object_view.type") ~
        get[String]("") map {
          case id~typ~name =>
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Using a String to represent type seems like a bad idea. Why not have several types implement a common Post interface, like so? trait Post { def id: Long def name: String } case class FilePost(id:Long, name:String, info: FileInfo) extends Post { } – user1727289 Dec 18 '12 at 1:39
class FileInfo(val name: String)
abstract trait CanGet[T] { val value: Option[T]; def get = value.get }
case class PostFileInfo(val id: Long, val typ: String, val name: String) extends 
  { val value = Some(new FileInfo(name)) } with CanGet[FileInfo]


(1L, "FileInfo", "FileName") match { 
  case (id, typ @ "FileInfo", name) => new PostFileInfo(1, typ, name)
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Why not make Post abstract, then implement a subclass for each different type of post ? Something like:

  abstract class Post { val id:Long; val typ:String; val name:String; }
  case class FilePost(
      id       : Long,
      typ      : String,
      name     : String,
      fileInfo : Option[FileInfo
  case class ImagePost(
      id       : Long,
      typ      : String,
      name     : String,
      imageInfo : FileImageInfo

  def doSomething( post:Post ):Unit = post match {
      case fp:FilePost => ...

Doh! - looks like earlier response said the same thing ...

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