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This is going to be an amateur level question. Is there a way to add start up code to a test project that uses MBUnit I tried adding [TestFixture] and [FixtureSetUp] attributes to code that I wanted to run first, but unfortunately that didnt help.

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The [FixtureSetUp] should be executed once before any test of the tests contained within the [TestFixture], but the two cannot be used interchangeably.

Here's a quick example. Admittedly the class doesn't have to be decorated with the [TestFixture] attribute, but it's good practice.

public class SimpelTest
    private string value = "1";

    public void FixtureSetUp()
        // Will run once before any test case is executed.
        value = "2";

    public void SetUp()
        // Will run before each test

    public void Test()
        // Test code here
        Assert.AreEqual("2", value);

    public void TearDown()
        // Will run after the execution of each test

    public void FixtureTearDown()
        // Will run once after every test has been executed
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