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Here I have data on five tables I would like to pull.

Table 1 users has three Columns:

uid, username, data

Table 2 users_order has three Columns:

uid, orders_id, users_email

Table 3 order_products has three Columns:

orders_id, product_id, product_name

Table 4 users profile values has three Columns (below is the data in the row)

uid, fid, values
1     1   firstname
1     2   lastname

So, with Table 1 - 3 I was able to write the query like this

SELECT users.uid AS uid, users.username AS username, 
       users_order.orders_id AS orderId,     
       users_order.users_email AS userEmail, 
       order_products.product_name AS  productName 
WHERE users_order.uid = users.uid
AND users_order.orders_id = order_products.orders_id
AND order_products.product_id = 5 ;

Above query will give the results of

uid   usersname   orderId   usersEmail       productName 
1    xxusername   123       xxxuser@gmail    Product 1

I would like to bring in the Table 4 data Firstname and Last Name into query results. So, the final query will be

uid    username    orderId     usersEmail    productName    FirstName    LastName

need help on query that added the Table 4 data.

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Try this:

  u.uid AS uid, 
  u.username AS username, 
  o.orders_id AS orderId,     
  o.users_email AS userEmail, 
  p.product_name AS  productName,
  MAX(CASE WHEN f.fid = 1 THEN `values` END) AS 'First Name',
  MAX(CASE WHEN f.fid = 2 THEN `values` END) AS 'Last Name'
FROM users u 
INNER JOIN users_order o ON o.uid = u.uid
INNER JOIN order_products p ON o.orders_id = o.orders_id
INNER JOIN usersprofile f ON u.uid = f.uid
WHERE p.product_id = 5 
GROUP BY u.uid, u.username, o.orders_id, o.users_email, p.product_name;

SQL Fiddle Demo

This will give you:

|   1 | xxusername |     123 | xxxuser@gmail |   product 1 |        sam |       lin |

Assuming that each values entry in the user profile table has two fid values 1, 2 indicating the firstname and lastname.

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Hi Mahmound, The fid values show as values under the FirstName and Last Name . Not pulling the data –  sam lim Dec 18 '12 at 2:51
@samlim - Do you mean that, in the sample data you posted the uid =1 has firstname = 1 and lastname = 2? –  Mahmoud Gamal Dec 18 '12 at 2:58
@Mahmouned firstname and lastname are store in the table with three columns. fid , uid , value. In that table fid = 1 value is firstname, fid = 2 is last name.. So, fid = 1 ; value Sam and fid = 2 ; value Lim –  sam lim Dec 18 '12 at 5:03
@samlim - Thats what the query does. But I used firstname and lastname as a sample data instead of sam and lim. Try it. –  Mahmoud Gamal Dec 18 '12 at 6:42
Hi Mah, i try the query and First and Last name show up as values. not data pull –  sam lim Dec 18 '12 at 7:03
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