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I'd like to learn about mobile app development, but I'm not sure where to start.

I'm leaning toward Android or HTML5 development, but if you know of good resources that would help me with Apple or Windows 8, please let me know about them too.

I'll be doing my development on Windows 7 for the foreseeable future, if that has an impact.

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For Android check This

For IOS check This

For windows 8 check This

For html5 check This

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In order to develop for iOS Devices, you will need an Apple machine running OS X and XCode.

need I use loosely in that you can do iOS dev on a Windows machine, uy you need to do some digging to find an IDE that will be right for you.

I would shy away from HTML5 and just use native Java/Objective-C code, otherwise you get a Facebook-type app... one that does just about nothing...

For good resources, developer.apple.com and developer.google.com provide all of the documentation you will need. Any specific question that you can not figure out on your own, you can ask here, granted you provided evidence of a genuine attempt at the solution in which you seek, we do not give out free code.

For Windows dev, they also provide great resources at msdn.microsoft.com

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