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I have a number of editText's in my view and I want to be able to make some adjustments to the keypad that points up for the user when they highlight the EditText.

In particular - Making a capitals only keypad? - Removing the auto-correct feature? - Adding non-english characters to the first screen of the keypad e.g. "ñ"

Is there a simple approach for changing this keypad?

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In general, you don't have that much control of the on-screen keyboard that is displayed to the users. However, turning off autocorrect and making all characters capitals is a possibility, you simply need to set the android:inputType attribute in your XML. Here are the values that you can use (you can also OR | them). It would look like android:inputType="textCapCharacters|textNoSuggestions".

I wouldn't worry about the Ñ or other weird characters. Most of those are easy to get by just long pressing on a key (in this case, the N).

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