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They say Java is not supported in iPhone or iPad. Does that mean websites with JSP as its server-side scripting language would not function properly on those devices? Or just do they only mean to say...let's say Java applet? There's not much info about it out there. I'm not even sure if those devices still don't support Java, the latest official announcement I found dated a few years back.

EDIT: how dumb of me to have had asked this. Of course, since it's server-side, it doesn't care if the Java VM is present or not in iPhone. Doh!

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Java applets run in the browser and aren't supported on iOS. JSP pages run on the server and generate the HTML which is perfectly compatible with iOS.

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You dont need java at all on the ipad to see the content generated by jsps. Jsps are executed on the server,and generate an (usuallally) Html content that can be seen on ipad. Also, Javsscript works fine on a ipad, there is no relation between java and javascript at all.

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JSB is a serverside language so it is never actually seen by the client, This will work.

A Java applet is something that is run by the client, and these will not work on iOS devices.

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