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I have a spaceship that has a location, destination and a rotation. When it has a new destination it moves forward all the while rotating clockwise until it is facing its destination.


public void Move()
    Vector requiredDirection = destination - origin;
    Vector directionNow = new Vector((float)Math.Cos(rotation), (float)Math.Sin(rotation));

    float x = Math.Abs(requiredDirection.X - directionNow.X);
    float y = Math.Abs(requiredDirection.Y - directionNow.Y);

    if ((x > rotationSpeed) || (y > rotationSpeed))
        rotation += rotationSpeed;

    shipPosition += directionNow * speed;

My problem is that the ship will only rotate in the one direction until it is facing its target, I need it to rotate in the direction that would be the shortest route.

I'm really at a loss as to where to begin, this is my first real attempt at Vectors.

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The angle from directionNow to requiredDirection is given by Math.Atan2(requiredDirection.Y,requiredDirection.X) - Math.Atan2(directionNow.Y,directionNow.X). That will be positive to rotate counterclockwise, negative to rotate clockwise.

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Thanks Mark, I just tried and it works. However, when setting some destinations the ship will switch between rotating left and then right, making a staggered movement away from the destination, no doubt a bug in my code somewhere which hopefully I can fix. Regardless of this your code works great. – Mitch Dec 18 '12 at 2:47

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