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I have a scene contains many layer(the layer contains many sprite), how can I pause the schedule and actions , but then I can resume them.

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Use functions:

void CCNode::pauseSchedulerAndActions();
void CCNode::resumeSchedulerAndActions();

If you want all the layer's children to pause, you need a loop to do do this.

CCArray* childs = this->getChildren();
CCObject* child;
CCARRAY_FOREACH(childs, child)
   CCSprite *sprite = (CCSprite *)child;
   child -> pauseSchedulerAndActions();

If you just want a special child to pause;Just use function getChildByTag to get the child and pause the sprite's action.

Hope it will be helpful :)

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en, thanks!But there some sprites are running action, use the 'pauseSchedulerAndActions' cannot pause these sprites'action. –  minji_LT Dec 18 '12 at 3:04

In cocos2dx 3.2 For pausing actions,add

"Director::getInstance()->pause();" in pause button callback. and "Director::getInstance()->resume();" to resume.

For pausing physics of a body in Chipmunk add,

"for (auto nod :this->getChildren()) {



and for (auto nod :this->getChildren()) {



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