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I have a asp link

<asp:LinkButton ID="next" CssClass="Button Large" runat="server" OnClick="Next_Click" OnClientClick="showBillingRequiredState(this)">Next</asp:LinkButton>

When its clicked I want to cancel the page from continue , I want it to just cancel processing if my javascript return false. Right now I am showing an error but then the error dissapears and it doesnt stick.. something is causing it refresh and I lose my error. Here is the javascript, as I mentioned it passes fine through all my conditions and it shows the div, but then after a second it dissapears.

 function showrequired(evt) {
        var code = document.getElementById('<%=codelist.ClientID%>').options[document.getElementById('<%=codelist.ClientID%>').selectedIndex].value;
        var currentValue= document.getElementById('<%=statevalue.ClientID%>').value;
        var eDiv = document.getElementById('reqDiv');

        if (code == "US" && currentValue.trim() == '') {
            eDiv.style.display = 'block';
            return false;
        else {
            eDiv.style.display = 'none';

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You should not set the display property to "block", but to "" (empty string). The default display for buttons is "inline–block", setting it to empty string allows it to return to the default or whatever is set by CSS. –  RobG Dec 18 '12 at 2:56

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 OnClientClick=" return showBillingRequiredState(this)"
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jquery event default works really well in such situation

$("#<%= next.ClientID %>").click(function(event) {

 var countryCode = document.getElementById('<%=lstBillingCountryCode.ClientID%>').options[document.getElementById('<%=lstBillingCountryCode.ClientID%>').selectedIndex].value;
        var currentStateValue = document.getElementById('<%=txtBillingState.ClientID%>').value;
        var errorDiv = document.getElementById('reqBillingState');

        if (countryCode == "US" && currentStateValue.trim() == '') {
            errorDiv.style.display = 'block';
           //while stepping through this with firebug, it gets here fine but then it just gets ignored
        else {
            errorDiv.style.display = 'none';

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