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If iOS application target device is set to iPhone, is the application will still be able to download on iPad in iTune store?

I am doing this because I want to use the iPhone interface on iPad.

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iPad can download your iPhone App, in compatibility mode. It will be shown in 1:1 (1x mode) or an enlarge mode (2x mode), but in 2x mode will be blurred.

Suggested to make Universal build in order to have non-blurry full-screen app in iPad.

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Why not to use Universal build? It supports iPad/iPhone both.

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You can download iPhone targeted apps on the iPad, but it'll run as an iPhone app (windowed at the appropriate size, not scaled to fit the iPad's larger dimensions).

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If you make an iPhone only app then yes you can download it on the iPad. It will run in 2X mode and will not look pretty.

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