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I need to encrypt a file before posting it. In WebKit, I know that with FileWriter, I could just rewrite the file then post it, but my solution needs to be crossbrowser compatible.

I could also take all my blobs and pass them to a flash uploader, but I would create another problem.

Is there a method in javascript to post an ArrayBuffer or a byte array as a file?

Right now, I think about Ajax, but could it handle 200MB+ files?


Interesting: How to convert dataURL to file object in javascript?

It seems possible to post Blob via Ajax.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/246801/… Not sure if this is what you are after –  Gerard Sexton Dec 18 '12 at 3:55

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Just checked again the above link, and following the caniuse.com table, BlobBuilder is compatible with all current browsers, so it is possible to

  1. Take a bytearray or any other data
  2. Convert it to base64
  3. Convert it to blob
  4. Send it as a normal file with Ajax/xhr/FormData using your favorite method
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