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I have a table called 'people' and people has an associated table named 'appearances'. I'd like to update the people table with the 'appearance_count' selected with a left join in MySQL. I'm just having some trouble with the syntax. Where would I put my update statement in the following query. I tried an update similar to this but I kept getting an error 'cannot update same table as selected table' (or something to that effect). Here is my query in its raw select form:

 SELECT        people.*, 
 COUNT( as app_count,
 FROM          `people`
 INNER JOIN    `appearances`
 ON            `appearances`.`person_id` = `people`.`id`
 GROUP BY      `people`.`id`
 HAVING        app_count > 0;

How would I take "app_count" and set people.appearance_count to be that value?

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I think HAVING is not necessary because it will filter records that have a COUNT of greater than zero and you're joining it with table PEOPLE using LEFT JOIn.

UPDATE  people a
        LEFT JOIN
            SELECT, COUNT(c.person_ID) totalCOunt
            FROM    people b
                    INNER JOIN    appearances c
                        ON c.person_id =
            GROUP BY
        ) d ON a.ID = d.ID
SET     a.appearance_count = d.totalCount
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thank you this was it... Though I think I on line 8 you mean, not, right? – jdkealy Dec 18 '12 at 4:01
yep, sorry for the typo. – John Woo Dec 18 '12 at 5:39

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