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I manage to get my godaddy domain to point to my GAE website using the following technique.

alias   : www
point to:

FORWARDING (masked)    to

Now I have the following problem.

  • Say I have a page with link If I click on said link from the homepage, it takes me to the correct page but the displayed url is simply On the other hand, if I right click on the link and open it in a different tab, the url shows correctly as

  • If I open the link in a different tab as mentioned above, then I can open every other link from there on and they will show correctly, such as So really I only have to tab once and all the other links from that tab will open correctly, even if I click on home from that tab and then to some other link, everything will work fine.

I hope my elaboration is sufficient as I really don't want to write too much more.

So the question is how do I get the site to show links correctly in the address bar in the cases where I don't open from a different tab.

A final note: besides my homepage which actually is all my other links are hard-coded as


Upon further investigation, I notice the following:

If I land on the homepage using then branching from there to any other link is fine: every link shows correctly. However, if I land on the homepage through, then forever thereafter all pages are masked as

I am sharing my further investigation not to confuse the problem, which is quite clear in the original post.

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Additional notes: I investigated the problem myself, and, as it turns out, when you assign a 301 redirect, it sets up a basic HTML doc with, and then embeds in a frame element. Which is not a real 301 redirect. – Jace Cotton Nov 3 '13 at 19:52

The godaddy forwarding of the naked domain ( to the www sub-domain ( seems problematic.

You could instead try one of the naked domain forwarding services. One example is which is free and easy to use: simply setup your godaddy DNS so that the A record is set to

I cannot vouch for wwwizer. I have no idea if they are trustworthy. If you have doubts, you could try one of the paid services like or

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Thanks! This is what it was. I feel kinda stupid now. :P – Jace Cotton Nov 8 '13 at 15:45

See GoDaddy Forwarding and Masking - you have selected a masked forwarding and what you notice seems to be the expected behaviour. It seems not really what you want and "Forward only" would probably solve your issues.

Separate from forwarding with GoDaddy or wwwizer or similar then maybe Google's own Forwarding your naked domain might be a reasonable approach. The benefit being that then you just depend on Google's infrastructure and not a mix of that and GoDaddy or similar.

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