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How do I send my local video stream to multiple remote peers? Do I need to instantiate one PeerConnection per remote peer? Or can the same PeerConnection be used for all remote peers at the same time?

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According to user dom on #webrtc on irc.w3.org, each PeerConnection is associated with a single remote peer. The developer is responsible for sharing the same stream instance with multiple PeerConnections:

<Cow_woC> Can a single PeerConnection connect to multiple remote peers, or only a single one at a time? If I want to stream the same video to multiple remote peers, what am I supposed to do?
<dom> Cow_woC, you need to manage several PeerConnection objects
<dom> and plug your video stream to each of them
<Cow_woC> dom: How do I share the camera feed with multiple PeerConnections? Is getUserMedia() allowed to return the same resource (and share it) multiple times?
<Cow_woC> dom: Or am I responsible for keeping the reference around and passing it to multiple PeerConnections?
<dom> the latter
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