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I have an RDLC file - TestReport.rdlc I have a form - Form1.cs I have a ReportViewer - rptViewer

My datasource for the report will be an XML file or a datatable defined at run time (in button click event). Now when I am in design mode for the report how do I add the DataSource or DataSet to the report so I can "add" the columns/fields into the report?

Right now in the report when I click New -> DataSet I am asked to pick from Database, Service, Object or SharePoint but I want to use an object which exists in memory.

I am using VS2012.

Thanks, Andrew

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In case of XML, you have to create the schema for it and then add it to the report in the design view.

A little example is exaplained in this blog (it's old but still good to understand what you have to do).

If also the XML's schema is dynamic, the only solution I came out is about to create one paramater for each node/attribute of your XML and build one or more .rdlc files for every type of XML

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