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I created a button, and I want when a user clicks this button. It should run an installed app from my device (such as Maps). This is my code (button is aupeo)

aupeo.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View v) {

                final PackageManager pm = getPackageManager();
                List<ApplicationInfo> packages = pm

                for (ApplicationInfo packageInfo : packages) {
                         //Don't know how to get app's info to call it.


I don't know how to get app's info, call and run app.

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Common way is to pass an Intent, and android lets you pick which app to launch for that intent. –  S.D. Dec 18 '12 at 4:37

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 aupeo.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View v) {

                  Intent i = new Intent();


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Such as Google Maps,how to call this –  phucloi89 Dec 18 '12 at 5:30
call your mapActivity with your pacakge name.. .. –  QuokMoon Dec 18 '12 at 5:39
I think you has mistake,i want to run INSTALLED app when click button,not run class. –  phucloi89 Dec 18 '12 at 5:48
so.. suppose.. your phone has..number of application now one button click you want to all installed app run....k –  QuokMoon Dec 18 '12 at 5:55
I just want 1 specify app runs when i click button –  phucloi89 Dec 18 '12 at 6:11

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