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Original Table Setup:

 Table Name: property_details
 Attribute: property_id, floor_area

Now, a new attribute is added named: total_area.

There are already records on property_details table with corresponding id and wanted to copy floor_area data to total_area. (Will do something floor_area later)

For clarification, if this is in excel I will copy the value of A1 to B2 on the same row. Pretty simple to demonstrate but can't figured out using sql.

Is this possible working on the same table?

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Just run an UPDATE statement wherein the value of floor_area is copied to total_area, example,

UPDATE property_details
SET total_area= floor_area
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Yes I have this answer in my mind but my concern is about the ids'. Does this cause any issue with the Ids? Actually, I can't do the trial and error here since there are lots of data already. thanks –  Raf Dec 18 '12 at 5:11
don'to worry about the ID. the statement is run on every row, so the affected value of the column is from the row itself. –  John Woo Dec 18 '12 at 5:14

better option can be to rather change the name of the feilds from total_area to floor_area takes very less execution time and efficient in this case but however ypur problem of ids may occur better first try to sample or in a small set of tables

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