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I'm a newbie on REDMINE(my version is 1.4.4)

I just got a question that is there any way that I can encrypt my email password on configuration.yml file which is to set up email configuration.

FYI, current setting is like below.

    delivery_method: :smtp
      tls: true
      port: 587
      authentication: :plain
      user_name: ""
      password: "myEmailPassword"     # I don't want to reveal my pw here :(
      enable_starttls_auto: true

Thx in advance.

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Yes you can but the only way I know to do it is to install and use Postfix as the relay and setup stunnel to handle the encrypted password exchange.

I had my system setup that way for a while but now I use Postfix without stunnel because Amazon SES service now supports starttls.

I had help from this site in my original setup:

My latest setup I derived help from here:

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